Welcome to the North of England Cycle Routes website!


Welcome to the North of England Cycle Routes website. We are here to advise and recommend you all the best stages of the finest cycle routes in the North of England.

We are particularly keen to promote the riding of bicycles on mountains and trails. It is usually a very good way to spend leisure time. In order to participate it is mandatory to be physically fit. This is to avoid unnecessary injuries. People with diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure should not engage in such activities. Cycling takes place over very rough terrains using specially assigned bicycles. Equipment used in mountain climbing are adapted mountain bikes, helmets, gloves a pair of glasses and shoes with a smooth grilling sole. Mountain bikes have unique features from the normal bike. They have a dual suspension, 26 inch and 29 inch tires. They also have an upwardly raised handle bar. This ensures a more upright posture when riding.

pedestrian area, fines, new walk
Police handed out £30 fines to 16 cyclists during a three-hour operation in New Walk, Leicester, yesterday.

Each piece of equipment has its own unique safety function. The helmet offers protection to the head especially when riding over rocky grounds and sandy places. Glasses protect the eyes from debris while on the terrains. The lenses are filtered to suit this purpose for a very clear vision. Shoes with gripping soles are meant for scrambling over uneven grounds. Clothing should be very comfortable. A hydration system is also crucial. All this is necessary if you are going to tackle some of our recommended routes.
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